Lawn Services


We will maintain your lawn with weekly mowing, trimming, and edging. We will also blow off any grass clippings from hardscapes and beds.


We will remove the excess debris and grass that is stuck between the soil and bladed of grass so that nutrients, air, and water can reach the soil. This is popular in the early spring to prep your lawn to become vibrant and lush this summer.


In our best attempts to keep your landscape looking pristine- pruning is a key service. Most shrubs benefit from being sheared to control size and shape. Some plants look more natural when pruned by hand and our team is highly qualified to properly cut for growth point purposes.

Spring/Fall Clean-Ups

Although, you may think not much happens in the winter months, your beds accumulate a lot of unwanted debris. We will remove the leaves and branches and prep the beds for maintenance.


Our team will take care of your final grading, install topsoil and lay sod in all of your problem areas.


Early fall is the best time to overseed your lawn in Michigan with daytime temperatures warm enough to encourage growth and cooler nights to give your lawn a break from the constant heat.

Landscape Services

Landscape Design

Whether you’re dressing up a new build or changing up an existing bed- our fully functional designs are influenced by architecture & beauty. Our veteran estimator is highly qualified in every aspect of a healthy landscape and will provide your home with a whole new dimension. 


Whether you need 2 plants or 100 plants- our crews are properly trained to install/plant seasonal colors, foliage, as well as machine installed trees for the perfect oasis.


An annual application of mulch is the best way to enhance the curb appeal of your yard. Mulch intensifies the beauty and feel, and neutralizes the soil temperature in order to protect your plants and flowers. Stone requires minimal to zero maintenance. It’s wonderful to keep weeds hidden and helps to prevent erosion of the soil.


Boulders, retaining walls, patios, brick pavers, walkways – you name it! Let us be a part of your exciting project!

Snow Removal

We offer snow plowing and shoveling services for your driveway, porch, walkways, and public walkways in the Michigan winter wonderland. Salt is also available upon request.

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